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Let's Face It...

We all have guilty pleasures, or bands we just don't feel comfortable telling other people we like. What are your top five? Here's mine:

1: The Eagles
2: Aerosmith
3: Mighty Mighty Bosstones
4: Dio
5: Steely Dan

There's more. Also, should Cheap Trick be one? I love them so much but a lot of people put them down. Yeah...
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actually, i met my girlfriend at a bright eyes concert, conor oberst is a good songwriter.

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wait, what? mooney suzuki is awesome! no guilt, all pleasure. also, thanks for backing up trick, they rule.
1. The Who
2. The Beatles/Rolling Stones
3. Cream
4. The Doors
5. Yes

*more classic rock bands, but too many to name*
your first three entries are really great bands. why are you guilty for liking them?
ever since I was younger (in grade school) i always got made fun of for liking "oldies" and the same thing in high school for liking "classic rock" and now im in college and its soo much different
those are good bands, there shouldn't be any shame for that
thanks. as im in college its getting better to talk about what music u like

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i know people are cruel these days
I've openly admitted to liking mid 90's top 40 hits.
like ace of base? i think they're like the ultimate ones from that genre
No, no, no... like the Spin Doctors.
ohhhhhh ok. and the counting crows, perhaps?
Hey you don't know me but i'm Clara! those bands you named? they definitely rock! I LOVE AEROSMITH!! we should chat sometime!
agreed and agreed
maroon 5 ahskljhakjshakjhas
i'm not ashamed of anything i listen to. and whoever puts cheap trick down doesn't know shit about music...
cheap trick rules indeed.
1. Madonna
2. Mickael Jackson
3. The strokes
4. Britney
5. Green Day