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I danced myself right out the womb

Hey, I wasn't quite aware there were people alive now that still listened to bands like T.Rex, Richard Hell, and the VU. It's very comforting to know.

And the Replacements. Was just listening to androgynous. And in order to actually contribute to this community, now I'll tell a story I heard about the Replacements. So their drummer, every once in a while westerberg or somebody will insult him or something. Upon hearing this, he left for two to three days usually. They didn't have any clue where he'd go. But he'd come back three days later. In fully-fledged clown apparel. He would refer to himself as Papi, in third person. Other than that he remained silent, and just stared. And a couple of days later he'd return completely normal, like nothing happened.

Speaking of, has anyone gotten Chris Mars' solo album? I've heard it's really good, and saw it at a record store once, but didn't have the cash.
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